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11th March 2002, 17:49
Register at NamesFacesPlaces to find old colleagues and workmates. Look on www.NamesFacesPlaces.com (http://www.NamesFacesPlaces.com)

22nd March 2002, 18:10
So that people who only come to the Business Forum don't wonder what I'm talking about, I'll re-post the original message here, which was in response to posters talking about how their other-halfs react to them being out of work.

My email address for anyone that wants to help is gerrymclaughlin1@cox.net

Original Mesage

If anybody is looking for something else to do whilst they're waiting for the job market to change, we could use some help in areas such as Search Engines, Site Design Changes, PR, Getting Advertising etc.

I thought hard about whether to post this or not, as I don't want to be accused of expoiting out of work contractors, but sometimes it's good to have something else to do to keep ones mind off of it.

We don't have any money at the moment, and can't pay anybody, but anybody that was able to help us, we would make sure that we recognised what they do however we could. In saying that if anybody was able to help us get income then they could have commission.

If anybody wants to help out (and I hope I haven't offended anybody here), then I'll post my email address on the Business forum with further details.


Areas where we need help:-

1 We get very few people through to our site from Google and other Search Engines. We need to increase this, but we have no great expertise in this area

2 We have two young designer / developers who do all our site design and build. We are not looking to move away from them, but they don't come from an IT background, so some design and build advice, and suggestions for changes would be welcome

3 We would like to get more publicity. We have had publicity and articles in a number of online sites and magazines, but there are quite a few major ones where we have had no publicity at all. We would also like to piggyback on the publicity that FriendsReunited get nationally, i.e. when they are mentioned, it is sometimes mentioned that there is a reunion site for purely IT folk

4 We get no advertising income at all, and we should be getting some by now. We will pass the 4,000 membership mark over the weekend, and last month we had 68,000 Page Views, up from 50,000 in January and 32,000 in December. We don't really know what to charge, what to offer and who to contact. If there are any unemployed (or otherwise) marketeers or salesmen who read this or IT folk who think they can help us there, then please contact us. We would be happy to pay commission.

If you can help us in any of these areas, or can think of other areas where we could use your help, please contact us. I hope I haven't offended you by asking.

9th April 2002, 13:40
We will be having another Contractor Event soon in London where contractors get together to network, talk about the market and job prospects as well as re-connecting with people that they used to know. We have had two successful Events so far, both attended by about 100 contractors.

We tend to invite one or two agents along as well as people from online news and job sites, asking them to make a contribution towards the buffet or to a free drink or raffle prize.

If anyone wants to be kept posted as to when the next one is taking place, get in touch with me (or add your name to our site), and I'll let you know when it happens.

10th April 2002, 10:40
Never one to turn down a free drink.... where and when ?

11th April 2002, 13:31
I'll let you know shortly. If anyone else wants to be contacted, please let me know.

11th April 2002, 23:50
I have a IT contractor friend in SF that runs an interesting gathering ("Web of Finance") once in a while - it may make sense to invite clients and other interested in the industry rather than just contractors.

Web of Finance
www.adrianscott.com/finance/ (http://www.adrianscott.com/finance/)