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4th June 2010, 16:02
Hello all,

I am presently working for a company on perm basis. As I want to earn more money I am thinking to look for contract jobs.
However I thinking to ask my company to convert me from perm to contractor(if they agree).

My question how much should i quote as day rate if they agree for my proposal.
At the moment it works as 100pounds per day ( perm basis).
I want to ask 175pounds as contractor as my day rate.

Is that sensible rate to ask?

Pls guide me.
Thanks in advance.

5th June 2010, 06:59
Why do you think that your employer would want to change the status quo?

I don't think they'll agree to it, and don't forget that you'll be giving up holiday payments and any benefits that you get as an employee. And you'll need to pay an accountant or do your accounts yourself and that takes time to research and learn. And you'll be firmly caught by IR35, as you will definately be a disguised employee.

Take a look at the first-timers guides and the advice in other parts of this website, particularly the other firest-timer threads here...

5th June 2010, 08:00
Thank you very much for the reply cojak

Even I am not positive that employer will agree however I feel on other hand that they will agree coz I am working there from long time and I made so many changes that new employee will struggle for at least 6months .

I am now decieded to leave to the job anyway and go for contracting jobs , hence I want to offer same services to my present employer , that's all....

I am not able to decide wht rate I should ask. pls advice.

5th June 2010, 10:58
What do you do and how long have you been doing it?

Without that info I have no idea...

7th June 2010, 10:44
I am network admin working for the same company for 5 years...

7th June 2010, 10:47
I work as network admin and working for 5years....

7th June 2010, 11:46
I've seen Tech Mahindra offer £125pd for that sort of role.

Look at Jobserve with your job as key words and see what turns up.