View Full Version : J2EE/Weblogic/EJB architect/trainer seeking UK partner

26th March 2002, 11:57
I noticed from Jobserve that Weblogic/EJB/J2EE/UML is one of the most highly sought after skillsets in the UK contracting marketing....

I am an American IT contractor with these skills and over 10 years of IT experience and would like offer an exchange with an UK contractor to partner up to offer services to clients. I'm planning to setup shop in the UK, but need a few details (like a work permit and contracts).

Here's how I can think this can work:
(1) You have an excellent network of clients, particularly in the City.
(2) Call them and offer them a full-life cycle J2EE project services, or J2EE training (I am a BEA certified trainer in Weblogic 5.x/6.x, also a solid reference client list that includes HP, Sun, Wells Fargo, Charles Schwab, to name
a few.)
(3) Between us we can split up the work, hopefully you (or your associates) will have complementary skills such as project management, testing, etc. I would contribute primarily in a technical architecture, lead, training, and mentor role.

I am flexible on location and rate, and hopefully we will work out an reasonable arrangement that is a win-win rather than just adding to your overhead.

Give me a try...email me at echiu@imservice.com

8th April 2002, 14:23
This could mean either a one-off trade where we share some of the contract revenue with them for the work you do in bidding to to the client (similar to the relationship with an umbrella company) or a longer term project based relationship where the individual who makes the contract pays me to carry it out and I am paid a salary plus dividends.

10th April 2002, 11:07
JT, the technical roles aren't that difficult to fill. You just put an advert on Jobserve. It's the marketing and contract capture side that is more difficult.

You are unlikely to find the front end people you need here.