View Full Version : Going ADSL - 4 Port 10/100 ADSL Modem/Router/Switch In Stock

19th April 2002, 17:06
I can supply: -

Internal PCI ADSL Conexant modem for £56.87 Inc VAT In stock today.

External ADSL Single Port USB modem for £116.33 Inc VAT. Soon.

Also have a couple of Ethernet solutions available - a single port hub (in effect) and a 4 port switch - both with built in ADSL modems:

You can connect the single port version directly to an ethernet card in your PC, or to a hub/switch to extend its capabilities:

Single Port Ethernet (think its 10/100mbps) & ADSL Router - £87.89 inc VAT
Four Port 10/100mbs Switch/Ethernet & ADSL Router £99.50 INCLUDES VAT - AVAILABLE NOW - No Delivery Charge

(But I do have access to alternatives, slightly more expensive, available now). Email for details.

Incidentally, both of these Ethernet solutions connect directly to the RJ11 socket on your microfilter, and do not require a separate ADSL modem! They are fabulous bargains.

Microfilters also available at decent prices.

Delivery + VAT may be chargeable

I can use direct credit via internet banking, Nochex or Paypal (for debit/credit cards)! Details on request.

www.ramms.co.uk (http://www.ramms.co.uk)

22nd April 2002, 16:24
Going Pipex Xtreme. Will be taking the Acatel modem as the package includes 2 micro switches.
Will be predominately using the connection on the PC
Win 2K with office XP. Would like to link up the laptop as well.

Any suggestions on the best way of doing this.


22nd April 2002, 19:09
I have installed an ADSL Alcatel USB Modem.
I share the connection to other pc's via mini hub.
Works ok

23rd April 2002, 10:33

You should be able to set up Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). You've gone the expensive route though.

An internal PCI ADSL modem would cost just £57 inc VAT but excluding Delivery. Microsplitters cost £7.00ea Inc VAT but again Ex Dely (unfortunately from different sources, so delivery payable on each item). Delivery is about £3/each x VAT.

On some orders we can waive delivery charges.

So, Wires Only Pipex would cost £23.44/month - then £57 for the card & £7 ea for a splitter (excluding delivery) - self installed thats £74 + delivery & £23.44/month. £97.44 including the first month. Add the second splitter (if you need it) and its still less than £104.50 x dely (about £6 more).

By contrast - Pipex Xtreme Solo with USB modem & 2 splitters = £152.63 (still excludes delivery). You would be saving at least £48.

Incidentally, I use one of these internal PCI ADSL modems at the moment, and it's great.

ICS is slightly more difficult to configure if you're running it in a PC and have a server running DHCP, but not impossible!

The way things are going, I think these internal PCI cards will come down in price even further in a year or so's time, and expect them to be incorporated into motherboards and ready built PCs before too long.

23rd April 2002, 10:41
Thanks for the input.
I take the point about the costs Rob, but I am a lazy b*stard and really couldn't be bothered to open the PC up to save £50.

23rd April 2002, 10:44

If you live in the Devon or Cornwall, installation would be £30 inc. VAT.

24th April 2002, 10:35
Sorry Rob based in Kent.
By the time I paid your train fair I would be about £100 worse off...

24th April 2002, 22:04
:lol :lol :lol