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England IT
23rd April 2002, 15:12
Does anyone know where I can purchase office chairs (with arms) from at a reasonable price, ie less than £50??

23rd April 2002, 21:18
Don't know about less than £50, but Staples do about the cheapest new office chairs I've seen. I bought mine for about £50 two years ago, and I'm very satisfied with it.

PS I don't sell office furniture :lol

23rd April 2002, 21:44
Try ..


23rd April 2002, 21:47
And pF should try ...

www.ikea.co.uk/about_ikea/jobs/jobs.asp (http://www.ikea.co.uk/about_ikea/jobs/jobs.asp)

England IT
24th April 2002, 09:47
Some of those Ikea 'Love' chairs should do the trick.

I once went to Ikea at Brents Cross, London, on a Saturday afternoon in the heat of summer and I am still recovering nearly a year on.

24th April 2002, 10:26
Been once... never again!

Order from the web site and get them to deliver.

24th April 2002, 12:46
Replaced my £30 IKEA chair with a £80 Staples one with arms & better support. My back has stopped aching.