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9th July 2010, 09:53
Okay, I'm pretty impressed by what media my new iPod Touch will play and view (even word/pdf documents if you send them by email). Music loads up automatically into iTunes when you bung it in a drive bay too. All good. But video appears another matter. Itunes won't touch films, and video I've sent by email won't play either.

So, I've searched and come across DVD to iPod Video Converter Guide (http://www.videora.com/en-us/Converter/iPod/guide/dvd-to-ipod/) which converts from various formats to Ipod compatable formats, and DVD to iPod Video Converter Guide (http://www.videora.com/en-us/Converter/iPod/guide/dvd-to-ipod/) will rip films off DVD. A very brief search suggests that these aren't riddled with trojans and virsuses. Can anyone confirm that is the case? Or have any other recommendations? I'm surprised (not really) that apple don't bung a few recommendations as a way of help or say a bit more about converting. Maybe they want you to buy videos/films from iTunes or something :confused:

Moscow Mule
9th July 2010, 09:58
OSX, Handbrake or Ripit.

Don't know about Windows.

Technically, format shifting is illegal so that's why Apple don't offer any recommendations in that direction.

9th July 2010, 10:07
SUPER for windows will reformat pretty much anything into anything. I've used it to rip DVDs to iTunes before.

9th July 2010, 10:25
handbrake for me too.

9th July 2010, 10:26
SUPER for windows will reformat pretty much anything into anything. I've used it to rip DVDs to iTunes before.

They reference DVDDecrypter too:

To copy a DVD (that you legally purchased) into any supported Output Container, we recommend that you also use the best
available DVDDecrypter to decrypt the entire DVD and copy the VOB files to your HardDisk in order to encode
them with SUPER ©. Note that DVDDecrypter is also a Freeware

So I guess it's legit. Looking at Super and what it offers:

NO trial or evaluation version of SUPER © but one unique
Free to download and Free to use fully working version.

makes you wonder how they make their money.

9th July 2010, 10:34
handbrake for me too.

Looks like there's a Windows version. I might well give Handbrake a go first.

9th July 2010, 11:28
:eek: Handbrake worked a treat. It even has a pre-set for the iPod Touch that made it a doddle. I now have "The Blue Planet" on my iPod Touch - no, it's not a blue movie.

Thanks for the recommendations.