View Full Version : Merry Christmas Oz!

24th July 2010, 12:33
Today is Christmas Day for many people in Oz.

It's cold and grey over there (in parts, at least), so they've got their Christmas trees and turkey lunches out and are making a party out of it.

I'd just call it Yule if I were them, though. :happy

24th July 2010, 13:42
Nitpicking I know, but why today the 24th, rather than tomorrow the 25th?

Or do they simply do it on the nearest Saturday?

Doggy Styles
24th July 2010, 17:32
You're a month late. :wink :D

Actually, they do Dec 25th like us, but have a barbie instead.

24th July 2010, 20:28
You're a month late.

According to her blog it's still May!

Doggy Styles
24th July 2010, 21:16
According to her blog it's still May!Is she still gathering nuts?

25th July 2010, 08:10
I know - I'm trying to find the enthusiasm to blog via an iPhone. :happy

A mate is in Perth, maybe it's only for slightly homesick new ex-pats.