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10th February 2006, 13:32
What a breath of fresh air.

Remember Siara (think that is her name) from 'The Apprentice' ?

She recorded a clip where she started off saying she was a Muslim and tries but not always succeeded in praying 5 times a day. Then she said "I am also British".

She goes on to explain (and in the studio) why moderate Muslims must stand up and be counted and shout out against fundamentalists who she is so fed up with.

(I paraphrase her sentiments)
"OK the cartoons were a bit offensive but there is no comparison with the really offensive and threatening nature of the subsequent demonstrations that took place on British streets.

Why didn't the Police wade in and arrest some of them. If it were the BNP marching with similar slogans there is no doubt arrests would have been made on the spot.

It is high time Muslims were no longer treated differently in British law. It is high time the moderate Muslim community stood up and publically condemn and repeatedly challenge these fundamentalists before it's too late."

As a side issue she expressed more common sense by saying the Government has made a big mistake encouraging 'faith schools'. "It flies in the face of integration.and will lead to more unnecessary problems".

Good for you Siara - what you said needed saying ... by a British Muslim.

10th February 2006, 14:13
Someone will be shouting for her head! :rollin:


10th February 2006, 14:15
Someone will be shouting for her head! :rollin:


Or trying to upzip her black cape as she ninja's her way home!

Lucifer Box
10th February 2006, 14:39
Good for her. Well said and said well.