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Jog On
4th November 2010, 14:06
Turtle traders experiment #2 is taking applications (http://www.newturtletraders.com/apprenticeship.html):

Mike Baghdady and Training Tradersbelieve that trading is a teachable and trainable skill. If a trader had a fair chance to be taught rules that gives him the edge in his trading, shown how to excel at the art of controlling his risk, to be mentored to follow a set of rules and coached daily to sharpen his skills - the odds of his success are high.

Training Traders and Mike Baghdady will put their money and their experience on the line to pioneer a unique social experiment by taking people from varied backgrounds and train them to become successful traders.

Training Traders and Mike Baghdady will select 10 people from a diverse range of backgrounds and take them under our wings as true apprentices of old and teach, train, mentor and have them work under a master artisan to be molded to become the new masters of the financial markets.

4th November 2010, 14:21
AtW would love that job.

Jog On
4th November 2010, 14:29
I just sent my CV and 1 paragraph :glasses