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25th December 2010, 11:36
For 7:

Starter - Citrus and Pomegranate salad in a chili-honey dressing with chili prawns

Main Course - Roast Beef, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, braised red cabbage with apples and sherry vinegar, carrots, peas and red wine gravy

Dessert - Coconut pudding with caramelised pineapple

Booze - Flensburg Pils, Apfelwein, various different Schnapp'es, Stichpimpulibockforcelorum (http://stichpimpuli.de/)

A sortiment of cheeses, biscuits and savouries to follow...

25th December 2010, 11:41
I did this (http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/turkey-recipes/best-roast-turkey-christmas-or-any-time)

For 14. (Us lot plus them lot next door) :happy

Plus roast beef for Great Granddad. :D

Them lot next door bake things so I am in suspense. ;)

25th December 2010, 11:55
I had...

Kofte, salad, rice, one tomato and a large BBQd chilli.

It was quite nice - eating outside watching the world go by...


25th December 2010, 12:08
I have followed the recommendations for cooking pheasant: It’s been plucked and hung for two weeks. Now is the time to kill it.

25th December 2010, 13:47
Just seen people cross country skiing down our road!

25th December 2010, 14:29
Just seen people cross country skiing down our road!

In Austria they get fined for that!