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10th February 2011, 17:28
Hi all,

I'm an IT consultant (mainly web and project management) and I look forward to reading what everyone has to say!

I would be particularly interested in people's experiences with oDesk and PeoplePerHour...

10th February 2011, 17:47
Hi Phil,

Welcome to CUK :smile

10th February 2011, 19:10

Not heard of either of those terms, but welcome to the fora!

11th February 2011, 13:34
Someone discussed the PeoplePerHour in a thread ages ago. I think the majority virdict was that most people here wouldn't get out of bed for the rates offered as most of it was aimed at offshore but it depends on your skill set. Webdesign and a bit of coding etc were ridiculous rates and not worth the time, marketing and other softer skills seemed to work better.

Welcome and gladiators and chutney spoons and all that...