View Full Version : Spirit Portents...

13th February 2011, 14:23
Whenever I see a blackbird or crow through my study window, I am often reminded of a very spiritual woman, and medium indeed (said so in her knickers, har-har) who told me that seeing such a bird is in fact the spirit of my mother (died 1992 - RIP) embodied, and is bringing me good news.

I'm waiting on two very nice roles, and as soon as saw this phenomenon outside my window just now, black crow sat on the shed palisade, - I realised I will have good news!!

But then it did a massive shît on the decking - my mother would have never done that so come on, who's mum was it?

13th February 2011, 14:28
See you if you see two blackbirds sitting on a cup, you'll have your own Youtube infamy