View Full Version : F**king bankers

21st February 2011, 13:12
2 weeks and counting to open new business account :mad

21st February 2011, 13:15
That's shocking!!!


They gave you a bank account?

21st February 2011, 13:22
They'd proably be faster if they didn't know that you were going to deposit your thrupenny bits in there.

21st February 2011, 13:22
I setup a new company in August used the same bank as my personal account, it took them over a month to set it up, and it was nearly ten weeks before I had online access

When I went into the branch nearest client site and asked what happend to my debit card, they had sent it to my old address. Got them to agree to send it out to the new address to which the business account was registered to and they agreed. I asked if they wanted to see any ID and they said no

They arranged for a new card, but then someone else cancelled it as I didnt show ID when I made the request but of course didn't tell me they'd cancelled it :mad

21st February 2011, 13:26
2 weeks and counting to open new business account :mad

Dodgy accent, fear of money laundering.
Strange how Mubarak managed to launder his millions though

21st February 2011, 13:28
Dodgy accent, fear of money laundering.

Applied online...

21st February 2011, 13:30
HSBC set mine up there and then

21st February 2011, 17:33
Should have gone to Cater Allen and not the local Brum branch of Cash Converters then.