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21st February 2011, 18:28
Good evening all,

Thought I'd drop by and introduce myself. I worked for about 11 years at the big blue mobile phone company as a permie, took VR and went travelling with the Mrs. for a good few months. Came back and felt the time was right to start contracting. Second gig now and based in Zurich. Anyway after drawing on 11 years of talking to the wise owl contractors over coffee I have managed to skip round most of the initial pitfalls of contracting but being a permie for so long has left me more generalist than specialist and this is the first thing I'd like to address.

Well I'll leave it at that for now, hopefully chat more to some of you over time.


21st February 2011, 18:48
Hiya sutsim, welcome to CUK!:wave: