View Full Version : How many days off?

23rd February 2011, 16:23
How many days holiday do you take?

I've got 45 days this year, 52 including bank holidays.

I'm on an hourly rate but I can't do more than a certain amoung per month so I collect my overtime up and have a couple of days off a month, and we have to take 20 days holiday (Swiss law).

How is it in the Cîty, can you have "loads of holiday"?

I'm beginning to enjoy all this time off. During the summer I'll be having about a week off a month.

Including weekends that's nearly 160 days off in a year. :banana:

23rd February 2011, 16:34
3 weeks at christmas last year, and that was only because the end client closed the site I provide services to. 3 weeks with nothing to invoice is painfull (:

If I could have billed for christmas day I would have