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24th February 2011, 17:05
Hi, i'm new to the contracting scene and wonder if someone could help with a security clearance query i have?

My previous permant job, which ended last October, required me to work, un-supervised, in a number of police stations. Some were open to the public, some closed. To obtain clearance to work in the stations I had to fill out quite a few forms, with detailed information about myself, my parents and siblings. In addition information i.e. DOB etc for anyone i was living with at the time (friends, partners, lodgers). My sponsor was one of the Chief Superintendent's of the local force and he had to be present with me at the local Police HQ when my clearance pass was issued. The pass was renewed every year and if my circumstances changed e.g. moving house, then that info had to be submitted to the Police Vetting people.

My question is that I have been put forward for roles recently that may require SC Clearance, and i am unclear to exactly what level clearence i have (i was told it may fall under MPS Vetting) Given the detailed background checks etc I had done for my previous role does this constitute to the same level of clearance as SC Cleared?

Also does anyone know if like SC Cleared if it is valid for a similar length of time/transferable.

thanks in advance to anyone who can shed some light on this!

24th February 2011, 17:20
The chances are that you're going have to fill the forms in again.

Your clearance for the Police could have just been an enhanced disclosure.

24th February 2011, 17:20
Have you read the sticky?

24th February 2011, 17:35
Have you read the sticky?
Jackieboy - stek's referring to this thread in the business/contracts forum: http://forums.contractoruk.com/business-contracts/54132-security-clearance-sc-q-read-first-before-asking-questions.html

Have a look through or use the search function - it's likely your query has been discussed before, and more likely you'll get a constructive reply to any further questions you may have in the thread linked.

24th February 2011, 17:51
According to a PM I worked with in 2009 his MPS clearance wasn't transferable and from the sounds of it he had to fill in similar forms to what you described. It was also specific to the Met Police so while it may well have been done to a similar if not greater rigour to SC it wasn't SC (at least when his was done).

It's also possible that the multiple forms were basically what's called BPSS, plus a Counter Terrorism Check, plus Access NI plus maybe even the child protection thing the name of which escapes me, which would account for there being many forms. SC is (certainly was, I've not seen one for a while) usually done on one long form with loads of questions.

I hope that helps a bit.

24th February 2011, 18:09
Yeah, sorry people, found the sticky AFTER i'd posted, my bad :-(

@TykeMerc thanks for that, it does sound like a similar situation, my vetting was done with Greater Manchester Police as Non-Police Personnel, which i now believe carries out the rigourous checks as standard. My agency has literally just called me and stated that if it turns out that it just Police clearance i've got then they will push for SC Clearance for me asap so hopefully i won't miss out on the role i've been put forward for.... so fingers crossed :-)