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25th February 2011, 12:54
Been seeing ads for Cigirex in the metro lately.

They seem to be electronic cigs - instead of smoke you get a vapour. apparently contains none of the bad stuff (tax, carbon monoxide, etc), and about 5% nicotine per cartridge...

Works out cheaper then normal cigs...

Thinking about getting the starter pack...anyone tried them?

Good, bad?

25th February 2011, 13:13
or you could just give up


Halo Jones
25th February 2011, 13:15
Check the contents - some of those things are more harmful than normal smokes

25th February 2011, 14:38
No 1 son's been using them for ages. Totally hooked.

25th February 2011, 14:58
I replaced smoking tobacco with electronic smoking last January (2010) they work really well for me, I never intended to stop smoking tobacco, but I swapped immediately.

If you're looking seriously at the products it's VERY easy to buy absolute rubbish for a lot of money, I'll happily point you at some good online retailers and products (no I'm not one of them, it's not one of my Plan B's). Bung me a PM and we can avoid cluttering CUK.

Few warnings.

1. Most adverts claim that a cartridge is the equivalent of 20-30 cigarettes, that's absolute bollocks 5-10 max.
2. Avoid the kit that looks like a cigarette, the battery life is absolutely pathetic, there are far better options.
3. There are a fair few dodgy vendors about that make wild claims that are utter crap.

The vapour looks like smoke but it's vapourised glycerine (similar or functionally identical to that you get in club or gig smoke machines), small amounts of water and a small percentage of liquid nicotine and flavourings. Some adverts claim it's just water vapour which is complete nonsense.

Incidentally since there's no combustion or tobacco products involved they're legal (at least at the moment) to use in workplaces, pubs, airports and I've used one on aircraft quite often.
The respectable vendors also don't make stopping smoking claims as that would make them medicinal products.

Check the contents - some of those things are more harmful than normal smokes

Urban myth, I know EXACTLY what's in mine and it excludes an awful lot of crap that's in tobacco smoke, in fact all of it apart from the nicotine.

25th February 2011, 15:12
I've been a smoker for nearly 30 years. Tried electric cigs last year, and they are ok as far as they go.

I gave up 7 weeks ago after reading the Allen Carr (not the gay comedian) book. Would recommend that to anyone. I didn't read it with the idea of giving up. I read it because Mrs Mangler bought it for me. By half way through I knew it was going to work and haven't smoked since. Ffter 3-5 days I kinda stopped thinking about it.

Give it a try :wink