View Full Version : Oscars 2011

25th February 2011, 15:19
And the winners are... (http://www.oscars.org/awards/academyawards/83/nominees.html)

Who would you pick from this years nominees?

25th February 2011, 15:45
all of them.

Then round them up outside and start culling.

25th February 2011, 15:52
I saw the King's Speech earlier this week and thought it was a great film. So all the awards for that, and Toy Story 3 should get the rest. Alice in Wonderland should get nothing.

I've not seen any of the others on the list.

25th February 2011, 17:53
Kings Speech for best film (and no doubt a few others).
Perhaps some kind of art/cinematography/direction award for Inception.
Toy Story was actually pretty lovely.
Agreed that Alice was a bit poor, I was disappointed.