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16th March 2011, 15:40
I have a few questions concerning joining Contractor UK as an Umbrella company serving one man band limited companies.

What would an umbrella company get from joining as a member?

Which different memberships do you offer?

What are the costs of joining the membership organisation?

What is the procedure to successfully join?

Any feedback would be much appreciated.
Thank you

16th March 2011, 19:17
Hi University!

Contractor UK is not an Umbrella Company. You will need to research companies but this will help you.

Using an Umbrella Company - Umbrella Guides :: Contractor UK (http://www.contractoruk.com/umbrella_companies/)

Good luck!

17th March 2011, 08:23
Hi University

ContractorUK is an information and public forum site and whilst some umbrella companies advertise on here or comment on the forum it is not something that you need to apply for membership of. There are a number of bodies that you could join as an umbrella company but they will involve membership fees and proof of compliance