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27th April 2011, 22:15
Olympic ticket frenzy is the latest way of parting fools from their money it seems.

One person worried about this is Ruth, who has applied for £22,000 worth of tickets.

"What my husband decided was the chances of getting tickets would be low, so we applied to get our 20 lots, and he got his sister to do it and his dad to do it. So we've applied for all these tickets using up three people's quotas," she told BBC Radio 5 live.

"We're a family of four so we've applied for about 240 tickets. We're just really hoping that we won't get them all."

BBC News - The great Olympic personal risk bubble (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-13206286)

The whole process seems a bit bizarre to me, so I avoided it. I will have a look at the resale portal closer to the time perhaps. I expect those who get the good tickets could have made a few quid, if only the resale system wasn't going to limit things to face value. I would have thought a commission charging secondary market would have been more in keeping with the profit first philosophy of modern Britain.

27th April 2011, 22:29
"It was very well planned, I have spread the money across seven credit cards with the majority on two interest free credit cards so I will not have to pay interest. I did know what I was getting into and I have carefully planned my finance around it."


28th April 2011, 07:47

Bunch of idiots. I'll be watching it at home in HD, with instant replays and professional commentary so I know what is happening. For free. *

Suppose I shouldn't be so harsh, at least these plebs will be filling the stadiums and giving my viewing experience some atmosphere. Cheers plebs, I'll open a nice cold beer in your honour. :happy

* Same reason I prefer to watch footy at home or down the pub.