View Full Version : I wish I hadn't plugged that BBC B+128 computer in.

12th May 2011, 15:22
Coz those capacitors in the power supply don't half make a pong when they let the magic smoke out.


12th May 2011, 15:46
Fixable though I hope.

12th May 2011, 16:06
128? doesn't that make it a Master?
Sold my BBC B on ebay for 99p.......thought I'd get a tad more :(
Anyone want to buy 150 tap games in original boxes?
Got some A310 games too.

Doggy Styles
13th May 2011, 21:28
I think I gave my BBC B to my brother in law for nothing about 20 years ago. I might raise an invoice.

14th May 2011, 02:40
My Model B is sitting in a heap of things behind my armchair.

I reckon there's a good chance it'd still work if I plugged it in. If I do plug it in, and strange smells exude from it absent of the "beeeep-BEEP!" that indicates a successful boot, I'll go and hang around the entrance to Zeity's place of work until I can persuade him to fix it ;)

("I know where you..." etc. - once I found the buddleia on StreetView, I knew :nerd)