View Full Version : Hip, hip, hooray, the weekend is here...

20th May 2011, 14:07
So whats up? The weekend started yesterday evening and we've now made up. Today was spent shopping (I love shopping, have I ever told you that?) for food, big ****-off Shephards Pie for Sunday. As I've already mentioned, I'm off to the pub soon for some sun and scintillating conversation and maybe I'll go home early, maybe.

Saturday its off shopping again. I got a store card from Desigual (http://desigual.com/desigual/preHome.jsp)so some more lary shirts are in order and summer shoes (oh, and need to take my son to buy trousers as he keeps nicking mine.) The afternoon brings the Biergarten and the evening brings the German cup final where we'll be supporting the Zebras - Duisburg against Schalke.

Sunday will be a quiet day, hopefully.

20th May 2011, 14:10
Tonight relaxing (with the aid of ibuprofen) after having my back cracked by the osteopath
Tomorrow a trip to the garden centre perhaps
Sunday Grand prix, papers and Sunday lunch

20th May 2011, 16:17
Typical East Midlands Friday night out:


20th May 2011, 16:27
Also: don't forget the Rapture tomorrow (http://www.familyradio.com/may21/)! :happy

20th May 2011, 17:42
Also: don't forget the Rapture tomorrow (http://www.familyradio.com/may21/)! :happy

Good point. Assuming the Almighty doesn't give me the nod I'll be watching the Grand Prix and doing a bit of gardening. I might also pop down to our local church on Sunday morning and see who's left :D

21st May 2011, 07:46
Well, as the world is about to end I'm off to buy a torch. I might get some new pliers as well. I will take the scenic route on my bicycle. Then I am off to visit a museum. I will finish up by making some cha sui pork and special fried rice and watching a film.

I will catch up on my paperwork at some point as well.