View Full Version : Bet you think you are pretty smart with that huge day rate?

2nd June 2011, 15:38
but there is a good chance you are tying your shoe laces wrong!

YouTube - ‪Terry Moore: How to tie your shoes‬‏ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAFcV7zuUDA)

2nd June 2011, 15:40
I'm wearing slip-ons

2nd June 2011, 15:48
I appear to be tying the strong form already. I make the first bow on the right and the loop around that in a natural way. This knot stays transverse with the shoe when stressed. Whereas if I continue starting with the right bow as before and instead loop around it the unnatural way round, the knot goes to tulip and rotates to the longitudinal direction when stressed.

2nd June 2011, 16:08
You can achieve the same effect by reversing the direction of the initial intertwining of laces. I thought everyone knew this.

2nd June 2011, 17:14
For an absurdly dull subject that was entertaining, good find. :)

2nd June 2011, 17:25
Too hot for shoes, i'm wearing sandals.

2nd June 2011, 17:26
As a kid I was taught that method shown in video and thought it was daft. I have been doing it my own way ever since. Double both ends equally, tie those loops with normal knot. Simples.

2nd June 2011, 19:04
Goon: How many years experience do you have tying your shoelaces?
Me: Well, let me see, I spend about two minutes a day on it... multiply by ten thousand days... um, very nearly a whole month's experience I bet! That's pretty good!
Goon: I'm sorry, our client is looking for twenty years experience with KNOTS.
Me: You don't understand! That's not the core skill! That part of the job description is trivial like reading email or writing HTML.
Goon: Er, is it? Sure, ok, I know that, but it's not about what I want. It's what my client wants. How many years experience do you have reading email?