View Full Version : New member in Bristol, moving from permanent to contract work - advice required.

20th July 2011, 21:57

I am currently working in a permanent role as a global data centre engineer in Bristol. I support various business critical software/hardware platforms including VMWare, SharePoint, Exchange, Dynamics...

I am growing tired of the current role due to budget constraints and poor management, and am now considering starting IT contracting instead.

I have 10 years of IT Experience and specialise in the above technologies especially VMWare/SharePoint/Windows Servers.

I would like to know what the market is like in general, I am located in Bristol but willing to travel to the surrounding areas for the right work.

Are things slow at the moment considering the global downturn? How long may I expect to wait to find a role considering my skillset/experience?



21st July 2011, 09:17
As a contractor you are in charge of your own destiny so now would be a good time to start working that way. Go out and look at the job boards. How many roles are on there that you can do... and I mean really can do from day one.. not could do with a bit of mentoring. You don't mention if you are willing to travel or what rates you are after etc etc so even if we said the market is fantastic jump in you won't be able to get anything because you won't travel to London.

Doing your own research to match you own requirements is the only way to get the best view.

21st July 2011, 09:28
Sharepoint dev seems to be a very sought after skill. I know of several clients who need developers, most are based in Hampshire and Berkshire.

Good luck!