View Full Version : 10 days to get server logins back - client let them expire

7th September 2011, 10:25
Oh dear - Just started my first extension but today I cant log into anything. Looks like my logins expired when my original contract expired and no-one bothered to update.

Now 10 days apparently to get it all back. Offshore IT people/red tape.

Nice one, eh? I guess this is a fairly common occurrence though. But, through no fault of mine, its going to cause a problem for them now because I cant get things done.

All part of the fun I guess....


7th September 2011, 10:31
Happened every contract extension when I was with BT - only took a few hours to get back online though.

Mich the Tester
7th September 2011, 10:42
Look at pron on your laptop and invoice the bastards. Alternatively, you might get to see some Rugby World Cup on Justin.tv, if you're interested.