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14th April 2006, 16:59
but I can't understand what these people are saying!

If we need a Terrorism Tsar are they saying it should be a muslim?

"Britain needs terrorism tsar, says Labour MP

Britain needs a counter-terrorism minister to maintain the impetus of reform after the London bombings, a senior Labour MP said today.

John Denham, the chairman of the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee, said that the Government was in danger of losing the goodwill of Islamic community leaders because it was failing to follow up suggestions made after the attacks.

Referring to the Government taskforce appointed in the summer to make recommendations for rooting out extremism in Britain's Islamic communities, Mr Denham said its 13 members were feeling disillusioned that nothing seemed to be coming of their efforts."

15th April 2006, 13:34
Britain needs terrorism tsar

I thought that was Bin Laden??

Ohh, I geddit - they mean ANTI- Terrorism Tsar... :bluelight