View Full Version : Successful handover of Tulip Disaster

15th September 2011, 12:48
So final week of my contract and I've managed to delay handing over the true details of the disaster until my last but 1 day.

Having not been able to get anyone to agree anything I've created a high level overview that vaguely matches each departments desires, won't please anyone but was enough to get the client to sign off the project.

Thankfully everyone important has buggered off on holiday so he won't discover the true state of things for ages.

Mind you considering I've already written the specification for him his first milestone of a funky spec by next Friday is a piece of p***. Good job too as he looks like a wet lettuce and I'm sure he needs someone to tie his shoelaces every morning.

15th September 2011, 13:00
I've left my comments about it in your rep.


Doggy Styles
15th September 2011, 13:06
Good work eek.