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15th September 2011, 18:45
Ordered iPod and bits and bobs for someone's birthday present last Monday (birthday is next Monday) cost of all ~£250, delivery scheduled Wednesday. Got e-mail Tuesday saying yup, delivery Wednesday with UPS.

Sat in all day Wednesday, nothing. Log onto Apple site about half four to check delivery status, says delivery attempted I wasn't at home. Log onto UPS it says they tried to deliver at half 1 (they ******* didn't).

Anyway, phone UPS at half four sounding off, get to the London call centre have a moan at some girl, nice enough apologetic will try and chase up the depot (30 minutes from the house) and see what is happening. Only time I could do for redelivery is Thursday at work address, I'm away Friday. She says they could get it to work by Friday, otherwise redelivery at home Thursday. No good to me, she says she'll get the depot to phone me within the next hour.

Anyway, cut a long story short I then get on the phone to Apple to moan about UPS. Get an Indian sounding lady on the phone no doubt out East somewhere, I'm thinking 'oh gawd'. How wrong was I, a complete star so she was. Phoned UPS whilst I was on the phone, end result the UPS delivery driver had to get back in his car and drive it to me that night 18.30. Then Apple gave me £35 back and I hadn't even asked for anything, it was all UPS fault.

Now that's customer service for you.

15th September 2011, 18:47
Fortunately I've never had to ring customer service. It just worked.

Still works too.

15th September 2011, 22:53
Not yet had to use Apple customer service, but I was impressed by Cisco's recently.

My LinkSys router died on me after it's ticked over happily, unnoticed, in the corner of the office for the last 6 years.
Phoned Cisco and they proceeded to give a demonstration of exactly how one should field a support call, with the engineer remotely logging in to my computer, running diagnostics, tweaking some settings, downloading and installing new firmware (yep I know, lazy me hadn't updated it in years) and bingo, not only a working router but QoS bandwidth allocation on different devices in the home, as well as a few security & SSID channel tips.

Fecking marvellous compared to my experiences with other IT support monkeys. Couldn't recommend them highly enough.

15th September 2011, 22:57
Not yet had to use Apple customer service, but I was impressed by Cisco's recently. My LinkSys router

You did not buy any Cisco then.

If you did and paid full price for Cisco branded stuff then, in case of mulfuction, you'd be excused to expect a crown princess teleport to you and entertain you whilst your problem is being fixed.


15th September 2011, 22:59
Well, it has the Cisco logo on the front, and it was Cisco support... am I missing something? :confused:

15th September 2011, 23:14
am I missing something? :confused:

You paid Linksys price and got Cisco support? :tongue

Scrag Meister
16th September 2011, 06:52
Had a similar situation last Saurday,

I paid extra for a Saturday delivery, and they said they tried to deliver, not very f'ing hard they didn't.

My wife and daughter were in the house.

Rang up and without too much shouting, they got the driver to come back an hour later. All done. That was DPD, with a delivery from Scan.