View Full Version : Muslims offend quite a few people

25th April 2006, 19:21
Especially those that demonstrate in the UK calling for people to be beheaded and / or killed (some of their placards seemed to call for both - never really considered beheading as something that could be treated, especially on the NHS these days....)

Imagine if people had walked around London dressed in hoods and white sheets calling for black people to be strung up.....

Somehow, I think the police reaction might have been ever so slightly different....

25th April 2006, 21:50
Since Chico does not seem to be doing his duty it falls to a humble atheist to point out that their days are numbered. Praise de lawd.

Fall of Islam (http://www.fallofislam.com/)

The Master
25th April 2006, 22:18
Oh goody, retrospective prophesising. My favourite kind!

26th April 2006, 08:32
Right up there with retrospective taxes innit! :D