View Full Version : New to contracting. Credit check help.

4th November 2011, 17:48
Hello there. I have applied for my first contract as a PPI case handler with Deloitte as the client. I have passed the interview and assessment and Deloitte confirmed that they would be happy to take me on, this was while Hire-Right were still processing the vetting. I wrote on my application form that 4 years ago when I left university I defaulted on 2 overdraft limits, one for £2300 and one for £1000. They were sent to a debt collection agency and I am still paying back on a monthly basis.

The vetting process was completed today and my credit check came back fine. The agency advised that as I wrote down about the two above defaults on the application they will need to refer this to Deloitte for approval.

Do you think I will still get the contract? When applying for future contracts do you think I should just leave the information about the defaults out?

4th November 2011, 23:00
First off... never leave information out of vetting.... ever... be it just a finacial check for working in a bank or criminal records for SC / DV. Firstly you are commiting fraud infront of the very people that are most likely to find out and take action. Secondly if and when they do find out you will most definately be walked off or not get the contract. The whole idea of these vetting processes is to make sure you are honest and reputable. A few financial misdemeanours (f**k knows how you spell it ok) they can swallow, lying they cannot.

What they are looking for is to see if you are in a position whereby you my be coerced or blackmailed or be tempted to use their systems to get you out of a pile of trouble. Being in debt with an agreed method of getting out and sticking to it is as good as it gets with dept. Being up to your eyeballs and not paying regularly is not good. You may be tempted to do something naughty if your debt is beyond manageable.

Personally if I had to take a bet here I would say those amounts are very small, it isn't uncommon for students to mess up financially and (I am guessing here) dealing with PPI means you may not be dealing directly with accounts and money transfers. If this is the case I don't see why they would be too upset.