View Full Version : Revenue boss faces investigation over EDS deal

26th April 2006, 18:18

David Varney, head of HM Revenue & Customs, is expected to be questioned today by the Treasury Select Committee over allegations of a secret deal between his department and US IT contractor, EDS.

Michael Fallon, Tory MP and a member of the parliamentary committee, called for the inquiry after details emerged of a settlement, which will enable the Revenue to claw back about £30m of legal compensation owed to it, only if EDS wins new public sector contracts.

The Times reported that only some of the £71m out-of-court settlement over the tax credits system debacle is guaranteed with the rest to be paid back in the form of a percentage of the work of future government contracts won by EDS both from Revenue & Customs and other departments.

Fallon said the deal undermined the 'fair' process for handing out lucrative government contracts.

The Revenue insisted its settlement with EDS would not influence future procurement processes.

The NAO is believed to be considering investigating the matter.

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26th April 2006, 18:38
Makes no difference.

No one will be sacked, no one will resign and the drones will vote the shower back in next time.

Can we talk about Janeys bum now please?

26th April 2006, 22:02
Makes no difference.

No one will be sacked, no one will resign and the drones will vote the shower back in next time.

Can we talk about Janeys bum now please?

OI!!! what the feck is it about my bum that's got you all talking about it?!!!


26th April 2006, 22:09
Is the NAO investigating it...? :eek:

(ok, now it's all going to degenerate into Viz and The Bottom Inspectors methinks)

26th April 2006, 22:58
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26th April 2006, 23:09
You are Xog and I claim my fiver. :wave:

26th April 2006, 23:15
Don't forget to declare 'Naming Xoggoth's Arse' on your Self Assement return for the relevant time period....

26th April 2006, 23:17
He's only done 8 posts and I like this fella already.

PS Any pictures of the wife's bum by any chance ?

27th April 2006, 00:11
Is there something Dirty going on that I need to be informed about ?

Please pop it in a report and shove it through my letterbox.

27th April 2006, 03:04
Looks like the gravy train was a bit longer than what he ralised , fancy leaving the parliamentary comitee out of the backhander process , must be new to the job

27th April 2006, 06:54
You give us all hope there, GV...

27th April 2006, 06:55


27th April 2006, 06:56
The only thing that pleases me about that photo is that the resolution's so good I can see her ex-panty line.... :(