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10th November 2011, 15:26
Hi Guys,

Need some advice. I am working with a company right now and they are not letting me work under my Own Limited Copany or through a Umbrella Company of my choice.

I can only work for them through an umbrella Company called : OrangeGenie, who charges about £110/month for their administration and also do the Payslips in a very unique and difficult way.

When I asked the company to let me change the Umbrella company, they refused to do it.

Please advice. Thanks

10th November 2011, 15:38
Is it my choice or Company that which under Umbrella Company I want to work?
As per my company rules, I can't go to anywhere else a part from OG.

10th November 2011, 15:40
It sounds as though the agency you are working through has a closed Preferred Suppliers List; in a situation like that I am afraid that you have little choice as the agency is likely to tell you that if you don't wan't to work with their preferred supplier, you don't have to take the contract.

10th November 2011, 15:45
Understand, But OG charge £110/Month and also they dont put Gross Income in Payslip, rahter start the calculation from Taxable pay which is not convenient for me. but I guess thats the difficult I have to face. Thanks anyway