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4th January 2012, 12:01
I'm looking to venture back into the world of contracting. Contracted for about three and a half years before deciding to go perm with a client I'd contracted for twice previously. Worked reasonably well, got some nifty training out of them, but ultimately the environment made me realise it wasn't worth putting up with for a permie wage!!
Moved to another company on perm, but it's just not working out for me and I find myself longing for the days of contracting once again, so I'm on the hunt.

I've always previously gone through an umbrella but I've been told from several quarters that a Ltd is where the smart money is, so I'll be syphoning the FAQs and threads, and most likely posting some questions later!

4th January 2012, 13:03
Welcome back!!

There are plenty of links on the right hand side about how to set up and run an LTD and there are also a number of threads about the comparisons between Umbrella and LTD here....


Everything about starting LTD's will have been asked many times here so also try searching before asking. You probably won't get many replies to the basic questions that have been done to death. Best way to search is to use google and type in <keyword> site:forums.contractoruk.com. This is also mentioned here Searching forums (http://forums.contractoruk.com/welcome-faqs/58311-searching-cuk-forums.html)

Hope all this helps.

4th January 2012, 13:05
A very warm welcome to you.

5th January 2012, 10:29
Thank you very much :)