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3rd February 2012, 14:42
Just had a call with the new head of the team based out of the US.

I've managed to duck him for a month and he's a nervy fellow.

We got to the end of the call and he said to me 'Sorry about this for being a short call, I'll schedule another to discuss your personal development plan'

'Sorry? Did you say personal development plan? What do you mean?'

'Oh you know, where you want to be in a few years, your concerns, training, what projects you'd like to work on' he enthused.

I laughed to which he was slightly taken a back and said to him 'You do realise I'm a contractor just wind me up and point me towards the next project'


3rd February 2012, 14:47
MF you could do with some personal development, I wouldn't be so keen to turn down the offer. I'm sure your client realise you're a contractor but are willing to pay to make you less of a jerk.


3rd February 2012, 14:59
'Sorry? Did you say personal development plan? What do you mean?'


Evening classes at the local kindergarten

3rd February 2012, 22:40
you lucky B!

Had my review this week

Apparently despite saving millions, propping up two other systems etc I'm average. Apparently unlike my colleague whose system I have been fixing I don't just do what it takes, I over engineer :winker:

take the money & laugh!

3rd February 2012, 22:50
I had that once at contract interview a few years ago, where do you see yourself in ten years etc? I said retired. Amazingly I got the contract.

3rd February 2012, 22:58
Just today I got asked about my KPIs. I gave a WTF? look and said that doesn't apply to me.

All the permies have had a lecture about nicking off before 5:30. Made sure I left at 5:20 wishing everyone a good weekend. :smokin