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12th April 2012, 11:46
I've worked in IT support/ Linux Systems admin for the past decade but was required to vacate my last employment due to cuts.
I haven't worked for 2-3 months ( just needed a sabbatical of sorts) and am toying with the idea of becoming self-employed and doing contract work. I don't want to start up an umbrella company but basically want to self tax assess. I have close to 15 years IT experience but no professional qualifications such as LPI etc ( but do have a BSc Hons degree) I'm thinking of doing LPI 101 & 102 for starters. Is this a worthwhile ploy to enhance my marketability ? Some advice on CVs for contracting, how I should try to market myself, tax, etc etc would be really useful. Pointers on how to secure my first contract would be the most important. Perhaps I should stick with fulltime PAYE work as transfering to contracting from my background may be difficult in the current climate ? As I said any advice would be very very welcome. I do want to be more in control of the hours / periods of the year I work.


22nd April 2012, 19:54

I can't really advise you on the making the leap question, but if you do decide to start contracting I can help you with all your accounting and tax questions.

I am a fully-qualified Chartered Certified accountant with nearly 10 years experience, but as I am also 'making the leap' to going on my own, still work f/t at present so would be providing all the services you would require a far better value as I work from home P/T.

Considerations such as setting up the company, bank accounts, how to take out salary dividends, book keeping, invoicing etc will at some stage need to be covered.

The starting point would be to set up the company which can be done for around £60.

If you do need any help please email me on

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24th April 2012, 11:49
You may want to look at tweaking your CV, have you worked for one company in that 15 years? The pimps might see that your coming from permie world and not put you forward for roles.

Good luck.