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Sausage Surprise
25th April 2012, 08:23
It was actually painful to read this......

Dear xxxx,

Hope you are doing well! It’s been a couple of weeks that I have been following My Client and realized that you are the Test Manager. (There are around 30 Test Managers here)

In the changing face of attracting and retaining customers, integration of store based models with mobile and other digital forms of messaging to give the customer a winning experience and attract them to perform transactions is a growing challenge. :confused:

It is estimated that in the total retail IT spending, retailers spend more on IT services than any other category. Within IT services, more than half of the spending was on consulting, development, integration and process management. It is therefore not surprising that we have had a steady flow of client inquiries concerning retail application services and the ESPs that can deliver these solutions.

Retailers have recognized the need to establishing an implementation strategy and road map for their applications to align the upgrade or deployment of a retail application with critical transformational strategies, such as cross-channel merchandise planning and operations, private label manufacturing or international expansion. In this "Changing" situation, managing application Quality through tools and services that enable the Application Lifecycle Management is a recognized need. :confused:

One of our customers has reaped decreased Test Management expenses of up to 35% because of our robust Test Automation strategy. It will be a pleasure to hear back from you and share more ideas on what benefits our customers have derived. Please suggest if this/next week AM hours are suitable for a short conversation to explore. I am happy to hear of any alternative times, should these not suit you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Big Bob Agency

25th April 2012, 08:33
Suggest they buy you lunch and then bull**** them?

25th April 2012, 08:45
I'd ask them what its worth to get them in the door with the client then report them for attempting to bribe you with cash...

Sausage Surprise
25th April 2012, 08:59
Suggest they buy you lunch and then bull**** them?