View Full Version : Bad situations for cheating

2nd May 2012, 12:08
HI all

I will soon to a tandem parachute jump.
I am "slightly" over the weight limit stated on the company's website.
I am on a strict diet these days to just budge under the limit as I recon it is a bad situation to be cheating/lying about your weight.

What other situations are bad for cheating?

2nd May 2012, 12:16
Any reputable company should weigh you on the day to double check. There is a leeway to play with, so long as you're not taking the mick and a couple of stone over.

As I was discussing with a few people when plastering last night, a bad situation to cheat is to tile directly on to plaster, yet I see so many tilers and plumbers doing that without using any bonding agent or even water. That means that the adhesive/grout shrinks and dries out too quick and then when in a bathroom, moisture gets in to the dry plaster behind, pushes off the tiles and absorbs the water so the downstairs of the property gets flooded.

Another way is to have an affair in close proximity to your home. When will people learn, not to shat on your own doorstep?