View Full Version : Are you a 'misogynistic' troll?

2nd May 2012, 16:12
If so I totally hate you!!! :mad


The insults, most of which are too explicit to be repeated, included references to her appearance, sexuality and even threatened criminal violence.

Some other accused her of engaging an intimate relationship with Rupert Murdoch while others speculated crudely as to whether they found her attractive.

The comments, made on Twitter and including a vast array of sexist name-calling, have provoked a wave of outrage on the social media website, as supporters leapt to her defence.

Mrs Mensch, who condemned the criticism as “misogyny and bullying”, has now highlighted some of the choice comments herself in a bid to expose online trolls.

In doing so, she told her 50,000 followers: “Women too often shamed into silence. Sod it.”

Louise Mensch MP exposes shameful bullying of women on Twitter after personal attacks - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/twitter/9241388/Louise-Mensch-MP-exposes-shameful-bullying-of-women-on-Twitter-after-personal-attacks.html)

2nd May 2012, 16:31
Mensch ärgere dich nicht - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mensch_%C3%A4rgere_dich_nicht)

2nd May 2012, 16:35
I would.

2nd May 2012, 16:39
No. I am a heightist, weightist, religionist troll.


2nd May 2012, 16:40
If so I totally hate you!!! :mad

First Sasguru, then Barclays now TRolls.

You need to take a chill pill....

2nd May 2012, 16:40
Where is the poll ? I vote 'yes' anyway......

2nd May 2012, 16:55
If I had to rate her as an MP, I'd give her one

2nd May 2012, 17:03
Dunno about Louise Mensch (yes I probably would, given enough beer), but after today's chase around trying to extract money from a client I think I am turning into a total mysoginist!

The wretched bat I'm dealing with seems to think it's her own money.

2nd May 2012, 17:40
She has a point.

But looking on the bright side, if you're going to be the victim of misogynistic trolling, "I would" is probably marginally preferable to "I wouldn't with yours".

2nd May 2012, 17:46
I'm not a mysogynistic troll, but I know loads of stupid ugly women that are.


3rd May 2012, 06:20
Would being a misanthropist count?

3rd May 2012, 06:41
Mysoginistic Troll?

Nope, I just think that

Women should look after the kids.
A husband should love his wife and provide for his family.
People should keep their sexual preferences private.
Anyone who drops litter should be tazered for their first offence - in the face, and then shot if they reoffend.
Chewing gum should be banned.
The Government should be held accountable for all its deeds!
People should work for a living.
Children should be given an education, not just locked in an establishment and dictated at.
People should respect each other - apart from litter louts who should be tazered - in the face but I think I mentioned this.
Anyone who puts their feet on a seat while riding on public transport should be shot - in the face, then tazered.