View Full Version : Rethink IT - Fake call

31st May 2012, 10:47
Guy (Alex) from Rethink called and said he has a new role, job specs yet not available and started asking my manager's name for a role which I did prior to the last one.

I think these guys do not have any role, they are advertising fake requirement and wasting time of job seekers.

This takes me back to post Lehman collapse days, when every consultant used to call to know my manager's name so that they can contact them for a new role.

31st May 2012, 10:51
The gig I am on, although direct now I was introduced by ReThink and could not recommend them any higher, I didn't deal with the person you mention though.

31st May 2012, 11:02
@rdglad: I wouldn’t post names if I were you old boy.


31st May 2012, 11:33
Just finished a 12 monther via Re-Think. Overall not bad. Took them a while to get the VAT sorted properly, had to be chased to pay it even though they had my VAT details. After that no real issues, paid on time, no problems. Never really heard much from the agent and nothing pro-active to find a new gig when the old one was ending but what can you expect.