View Full Version : Lord Coe condones violence

6th August 2012, 12:56

"Then he threw that bottle and in my emotion I hit him on the back with the flat of my hand.

Lord Coe, the chairman of London 2012, said it was “poetic justice” that the bottle-thrower was sat next to a judo fighter.

“I am not suggesting vigilante-ism but it was actually poetic justice that they did happen to be sitting next to a judo player.”

It is clearly unacceptable that Lord Coe should condone violence and the dishing out of instant justice. Clearly that needs to be left to the police.

Mich the Tester
6th August 2012, 13:29
I cannot condone that Dutch woman's behaviour. The stupid bint let him get away with his spinal cord intact FFS. Oh, and she should have lamped him ON CAMERA.