View Full Version : Umbrella Company Fees

3rd October 2012, 11:45
Hi all,
I have been with my umbrella company over 2 years now on same assignment.
For those first 2 years I was able to claim non billable expenses.
Now, after 2 years on same assignment, I am unable to claim any non-billable expenses.
As my umbrella company don't have to process any expenses for me now and just process my timesheet each week, is it reasonable to request a reduction in their fees .. ?
They are obviously doing far less work on my behalf and yet they are taking the same fee as before.
Any thoughts welcome please.

Andrew at Boox
4th October 2012, 08:05
There's no harm in asking, but I suspect the answer will be no. If they're an efficient umbrella business, processing expenses should be system driven via a web portal (with you sending in receipts afterwards) so the extra work they would normally have done for you is marginal.