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9th October 2012, 21:54
Hi all,

I've been reading this forum for the last few days so thought I would 'unlurk' firstly to say thanks for all the advice on this site but also to introduce myself and where I'm coming from.

I was permie for 10 years from 2000-2010 but then the chance came up to work on the Olympics. It was a fixed 2 year contract (though I was perm it had an end date. Semi perm?). A few of the guys I worked with at LOCOG were contractors and after chatting to them I decided I would like to go in that direction. After I left the Olympics an ex-colleague of mine approached me as he needed contractors with my skills initially for 3 months but with the strong possibility of an extension. That was last week and I have today agreed my first contract! I'm quite excited. I'm fortunate that my old man is an accountant who already deals with some clients who are contractors so I'm sorted there. I was going to set up my Ltd co tomorrow but am now considering using an umbrella for the first 12 months of my contracting life. I'm happy with the rate and think I have got a bit lucky to have been able to do this without an agent but rather by using some contacts I already had.

I feel like I should be a bit more organised than this, but I didn't expect the decision to be followed so quickly by a job offer. I'm sure this is right for me and I'm adopting the attitude that I'll budget for having 9 months work out of any 12 month period meaning that any time 'on the bench' shouldn't be too stressful cash wise (and it will let me spend some time with the family, something that was sadly lacking during my 2 years on the Olympics). I'm not viewing this as an easy way to make quick money but more as a way to chose how I work. Or is this sadly misguided?

My only worry is that with only a 3 month offer on the table at the moment I'll be out of the game over xmas which I imagine isn't the best time to be trying to find a new gig. Once again, however, I could be wrong!

So there we are! All advice/abuse/free beer greatly accepted! :happy

9th October 2012, 23:53
Just go with the flow boy, go with the flow. :)

10th October 2012, 07:19
Year end/new year may or may not be a good time to be out of contract. It really depends on who your client base are and when their yearly budget cycle is. Many uk companies have an April to April finance year and so budgets are set in april, new projects are then discussed and organised with around May/June time being peak period for hiring, other companies (especially european based) work on a January - January basis and so Feb/March are good times for work. There is also the argument that any unused budget should be spent to guarantee an equal budget next year and so the month before finance year end there is a pick up in contract hire.

It really depends on your client base and what is normal in that area.

Congratulations in taking the leap and good luck for the future.

10th October 2012, 15:56
@cojak - I only agreed the contract yesterday, have spent today setting everything up (I didn't expect to find something quite so quickly) and begin on Friday so the flow has been a bit quicker than I expected... :smile

@chef - Thanks, that's interesting to read. My contract, at the moment, ends at the end of Jan'13 so hopefully I'll be good enough to get an extension!