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22nd October 2012, 19:53
Not sure if this was on in England, it's on iPlayer which I am watching now.

Trump is an absolute cock socket of a man, total fanny. Calling people pigs when you evict them is a step too far.

The SNP caused a fight to let him get his way now they have retired from the discussion since they want to build wind farms offshore and Trump is after Salmond.

22nd October 2012, 19:58
Bought and sold for American gold.

22nd October 2012, 20:20
Is he still whinging about his golf course?

22nd October 2012, 21:00
Watched it last night. Yes, it was in England and what a fantastic piece of documentary it was.

Well done to the SNP for completely selling themselves down the road to Trump. Of course, for Alex Salmond it's compeltely kicked him in the arse as Trump wants nothing to do with supporting him. Trump then made himself out to be the petulant, quiff haired American twat he is, with no redeeming features whatsover.

At the end of the day though, it was one side of the story. Yes, there are massive changes being made. Yes, it was heavy handed, but at the end of the day there were only about 100 people demonstrating & frankly the Scottish need to make deals with external financiers to develop their country so they can stop sponging off the English.

22nd October 2012, 22:04
SAlmond is an abolute throbber, when HBOS went down it was London 'spivs' but when it transpired it was the bank's fault you never heard from him for weeks. By the time he got out from under his duvet RBS was down and Scotland had lost its core 2 financials. THis is a guy that floats himself as an ex BOS economist.

I have seen farms in loads of places, rich North America to dirt poor Vietnam, loads of places in between. They all look like tulip. Manky barns, cars parked in the grass growing rust. I ran past Scotland's probably most costly house (http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=waterfoot+scotland&ll=55.77017,-4.276015&spn=0.002351,0.007113&oe=UTF-8&hnear=Waterfoot,+East+Renfrewshire,+United+Kingdom&gl=uk&t=h&z=18) the other week, 500 yards up the street i'm walking past a farm trying to maneuver through a 30 yard puddle of cow tulip and mud to stop my new asics getting filthy.

Calling a farm owner a pig I think is low, being a politician and turning a blind eye is low. Again Salmond is missing.

22nd October 2012, 22:09
I havnt seen it. give us the gist mine