View Full Version : It's Bond Girls Time again

Mich the Tester
25th October 2012, 09:21
James Bond: the best Bond girls - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/film/jamesbond/9631322/James-Bond-the-best-Bond-girls.html)

Arsula Undress does look quite delicious in that photo. I doubt she looks that good now though.

25th October 2012, 10:15
Maybe Jimmy Saville would have. Next revelation to emerge? Is there such a thing as a polyphile or a panophile?

PS Its ErShallI Undress

25th October 2012, 11:08
Fabulous camel toe on that last picture.... Need to get Timberwolf to have a look at that one being the forum camel toe aficionado.