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11th November 2012, 10:27
People who write in, or for, the Daily Mail (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2231033/Goodbye--good-riddance-During-catastrophic-years-country-Liz-Jones-greeted-gun-attack-relentless-abuse-Now-flees-city-bids-ferocious-farewell.html)are sometimes real ******* idiots and if they're expecting sympathy from their experiences are obviously first class morons

(I believe that one or more Daily Mail correspondents actually reads this site as the amount of times that something has either been posted or written here appears a short while there is seriously too often to be coincidence)

11th November 2012, 11:17
I thought she had a point. People in the country know absolutely nothing about the country, they just like to pretend they do.

11th November 2012, 11:57
She went out of her way to be as obnoxious as possible - then is suprised she is hated. Shounds like the average cuk poster.

11th November 2012, 12:17
I suspect this is a spoof article.

Malcolm Buggeridge
11th November 2012, 13:27
As per the custom in these parts of the world to leave a jelly on the doorstep of those of whom one disapproves, I'd be tempted to leave her a knickerbocker glory in the biggest sundae glass I could get my hands on such is the antipathy I feel towards this ghastly woman.

11th November 2012, 14:27
I suspect this is a spoof article.

Nah that's real. It's just she only understands one way of life. No wonder everyone hated her

11th November 2012, 16:59
She writes another article (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2231184/Free-You-blogging-mums-wear-Burkas.html)in that edition which is also pretty damn shit, and she calls herself a journalist. I particularly just love these pretentious (read obnoxious) comments:

Before the talk, I mingled among the mums, who had paid up to £75 each to be here, desperately trying to hide my name badge under my Prada bowling bag.

I said that writing about my life had pretty much ruined it: I had to move house due to people just turning up in my hallway, and even family members no longer spoke to me.

They might just as well don a burka, and shuffle, so narrow is their vision.