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12th November 2012, 11:12
Well, I'm not usually a nut job for conspiracies but I don't understand whats happening, with this pedophile ring debate / allegations.

Does anyone want to explain it?

Guy (won't name the judge here) says "no it wasn't me and I'll sue, I was never there , I was only in the area once, my alibi is dead, there's been a mistake made"

Accuser says "the police gave me that name to a picture I identified, but he says he wasn't there so its all fine, my mistake"

Several others also then come forward and say they've made a mistake because the police gave them the name after again identifying a face in a picture.

Head of BBC resigns, news team follows - in a single 24 hour period the accused just says "no it wasn't me" and then its all accepted that its mistaken identity and he's entirely innocent. Then the heads of all people involved with trying to push on this roll. Oh and doesn't Mr Schofield have a past relationship with the BBC , namely in childrens tv, doesn't this give him motive to push against the PM if he knows something?

In fact , why's there no post on this? Are you involved too? I know i had a post here removed on request of our security services ,,,,, or so I was told anyway.. :confused::eek:

12th November 2012, 12:12

Remember - you've heard it on here first...

12th November 2012, 13:26
Something smells rotten.

original PM
12th November 2012, 13:33
hmm lets have a think

1) Most senior execs/politicians/famous people will lie and cheat to achieve their goals.
2) Most blokes will sh*g anything.

There fore most senior execs/politicians/fmaous people will lie and cheat to sh*g anything.

I think this is not isolated but an epidemic of senior execs/politicians/famous people abusing their postions to get their rocks off.

and my logic is infallible....

12th November 2012, 15:27
Well, either we are avoiding libel or this topic has been done?

I'm none the wiser either :(