View Full Version : Own up, this is one of you lot...

Mich the Tester
14th November 2012, 11:11
Under(ground) the influence! Hilarious video of 'drunk' businessman trying to walk the wrong way down Tube escalator | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2232700/Under-ground-influence-Hilarious-video-drunk-businessman-trying-walk-wrong-way-Tube-escalator.html)

Probably someone who went to Cojak's booze up.

14th November 2012, 11:28
It's good fitness training trying to run up a down escalator (descalator?) Probably vice versa although I reckon that would knacker your legs something terrible.

14th November 2012, 14:09
Tis a shame our Asian cousins don't have the enzymes to break down the alcohol in brown lemonades :)

Seen many accidents on the tube over the last few years including someone being clipped by a northern line train at Moorgate whilst pished ... ouch! :(