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22nd June 2005, 16:28
Is it my imagination, or do you lot bog off at 16:30 (GMT).
It goes very quiet in here after that time.
Though a number of you still show up as logged in.

22nd June 2005, 16:29
@#%$! Is that the time. Bye! 8)

22nd June 2005, 16:35
Im gonna head off early as well as the PM has just changed the requirements on all the work I was 80% of the way through.

Client wanted a change - so all my weeks work is fffffing useless now!

22nd June 2005, 16:38
> so all my weeks work is fffffing useless now!

nothing new there then :)

22nd June 2005, 16:39
so all my weeks work is fffffing useless now!

Maintaining the status quo then MF?

Bastart fiddle. Fancy being beaten to the punchline by a fossil like you! :(

22nd June 2005, 17:11
Let me see...

09:30 - Arrive at work
10:30 - PC is on, coffee is drunk - time for reading emails.
11:00 - Check to see if what I did yesterday is still working. If not skip next 2 stages and blame permies for it going wrong.
12:00 - Fire up Visual Studio (.Net no less).
12:30 - Re-boot PC.
13:00 - Lunch
15:00 - Have a dump
15:45 - Reply to the inane emails I have been sent today
16:00 - Implement "new" versions of what I developed today (changed the font to arial)
16:30 - Re-boot PC
17:00 - Chat about how busy we are.
17:17 - Off home

22nd June 2005, 19:20
Let me see...

10:00 Get out of bed
10:05 Sit on terrace having a fag while PC boots up
10:10 Read and answer any e-mails that have come in overnight
10:30 Go into town and sit outside at a cafe while drink Cafe Latte Machiatto
12:00 Go home and check e-mail
12:15 Luch
14:00 Check e-mail and put together proposal for systems in Russia and Saudi
15:00 Watch court TV
16:30 Check e-mail
16:45 Crash out for an hour
17:45 Start dinner
19:00 Check e-mail and work on problems with Israel system
20:15 Watch Confed Cup games
22:30 Check e-mail and create SLES9 cdroms for USA
00:00 Watch Sexy Sports Clips on DSF while switiching over to see if there's anything interesting on Beate Uhse channel
01:00 Check e-mail and send expenses in
01:15 Last fag and off to bed

That was today, tomorrow will be slightly different, possibly

23rd June 2005, 09:26
Is it my imagination, or do you lot bog off at 16:30 (GMT).

I work in the public sector, what do you expect?