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22nd June 2005, 22:26
How familiar is this scenario? I get approached by agency A, who ask me to work though an umbrella company B to a client C, who is a consultancy working on a public sector project that is managed by a seperate outsourced supplier D, and the consultancy C that is 'hiring me' have in fact outsourced their contractor negotiations to yet another agency, E.

So, apart from everyone taking their cut of the action and me having to send copies of my passport all over the country and sign away IP to 5 companies, its ultimately increasing my council tax to pay for public sector projects - for me to work on to pay more tax... the only thing that would make it more bizarre was if it was working on an Inland Revenue system to 'imrpove efficiency' :rollin

22nd June 2005, 23:14
> agency A, who ask me to work though an umbrella company B

That bit certainly isn't familiar to me and I wouldn't accept it but that's your business. Apart from that having multiple snouts in the trough is, in my experience, common.

I know for sure that one outsourcer I worked forthrough an agent was charging me out at over 3 times the rate I was getting. I found out because another arm of the outsourcer was responsible for the lan and seemed to think that using MS workgroups with not even any password protection was the way to do the biz :) After I discovered that and seeing the huge numbers of unnecessary bums on seats they were selling the end user (it was y2k) I didn't renew.

23rd June 2005, 08:09
What this a contract in Telford by any chance.

23rd June 2005, 08:13
I don't think I have seen a "simple" contracting setup with the UK civil service.

They want to waste money, don't fight it.