View Full Version : Question for anyone

22nd June 2005, 18:33
Anybody seen my socks? I'm sure I had some earlier. They were just, hang on a minute. Anyone seen my trousers?

22nd June 2005, 19:08
your crusty sock is in the bottom of one of the legs of yer kecks. I'm not sure where the other sock is

22nd June 2005, 20:16
It's likely to be those New Zealand flat worms that have been taking over the country. They'll eat anything apparently.

22nd June 2005, 22:33
Take your washing machine apart. Inside you'll find the chuckling mischievious elf who always nicks a sock during the wash cycle so you end up with odd pairs.

When you find it, subject it to brutal torture. It'll soon crack.

22nd June 2005, 23:28
Just look in your drawer and wardrobe and there'll be clean ones in there - at least mine always seem to have clean kit in - very puzzling really because the ones I bung on the floor just vanish while I'm at work too.